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2003 Q Award Recipient

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Los Angeles, CA – The Alliance for Quality Construction (AQC) has awarded the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels the 2003 “Q” Award. This award is presented to the construction project that best meets criteria of the AQC’s mission. Their mission is dedicated to promote industry awareness of the value, quality and integrity provided by union contractors and their skilled craftsmen. The AQC is comprised of 23 construction union trade groups, councils and associations based in Southern California.

The first annual “Q” Award event was held at the Wyndham Hotel in Commerce, California, on Wednesday, May 14, 2003 with an 11:30 am reception, 12:00 pm lunch, and the “Q” Award presentation. Accepting for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was Monsignor Kostelnik.

“The Cathedral was chosen as our first annual recipient because of its immense project undertaking with union craftsmen, its beauty and stature within Southern California, and because it sets an example of wonderful cooperation between the property owner, management and labor”, says Pam Ackrich, administrator of the Alliance for Quality Construction.

The AQC’s criteria for the award is as follows: The project must have been a) Located in LA/Orange Counties; b) Completed and occupied in 2002; c) Built with union labor d) Had a good relationship with labor, e) Maintained a good safety record, f) Good use of apprentices, and g) Displays quality craftsmanship.

“Q” Award attendees viewed an impressive time-lapse video of the complete construction of the Cathedral. This video enlightened and entertained attendees of the amount of craftsmen and equipment needed to construct a project of this magnitude.

The general contractor for the Cathedral, Morley Construction, is known for other high-profile construction projects including upgrading and modernization of such venues as UCLA’s Royce Hall, Getty Museum, Powell Library, and the Doheny Library at USC. Other credits go to Leo A. Daly’s Jose Rafael Moneo, executive architect, and Nabih Youssef & Associates, structural engineer.

“We are extremely proud to have constructed the Cathedral of Our lady of the Angels, and we are equally proud to have completed this extraordinary and complex project with all on-site union labor”, says Terry Dooley, former Senior Vice President of Morley Construction. Dooley provided many more details regarding the construction of the Cathedral during his presentation at the “Q” Award luncheon.

Dooley was set to retire from Morley Construction prior to the completion of the new Cathedral, but stayed on board to complete the construction. According to Dooley, the Cathedral’s planning stages began in 1995. The original site was to be in a different location, at 2nd Avenue and Main Street. Various complications forced the Archdiocese to move the site to where the 5-1/2 acre, 5-building complex now sits adjacent to the Hollywood Freeway. The Cathedral was dedicated on September 2, 2002.

“We are proud of the quality our allied trades have displayed in the construction of the Cathedral as well as the many world class projects in Southern California”, exclaimed Ackrich. “We expect the Q Award to bring to light the value and integrity of union trades and contractors.”

Photo Gallery

Members of Leo A. Daly Associates, Morley Construction, Los Angeles Archdiocese and AQC.

Over 120 people attended the inaugural "Q" Award Luncheon at the Wyndham Hotel in Commerce, California.

John McClain of Owen Pacific being interviewed by the press.

Richard Slawson of the Los Angeles/Orange County Building & Construction Trades Council, Monsignor Kostelnik, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and Pam Ackrich of the BIA.

Terry Dooley, former senior vice president of Morley Construction (general contractor).

AQC Members; Union Roofing Contractors Association


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