Excellence through Union Craftsmanship

When you hire AQC member contractors and their craftsmen, you hire professionals steeped in the traditions of quality craftsmanship who know the importance of completing your project on time and within budget. The efficiency of union contractors and their craftsmen are unmatched in the industry. When your construction project is complete, you can forge ahead with business knowing your facility will perform as expected.

A union craftsman may train and work over 2,000 hours within his/her trade before advancing to journeyman status. Craftsmen complete training in safety, CPR, hazardous waste, and an array of courses allowing them a safer work site while providing the utmost craftsmanship. Chances are you will not find this type of training at the corner hardware store, as union workers build proud careers. Contact the Alliance for Quality Construction or any of our professional members.

AQC member contractors and their highly trained craftsmen also continue to be well versed with the advancements in green applications. Their skills with energy efficient fixtures and applications help create a healthier environment while reducing our carbon footprint.

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