About the Alliance for Quality Construction

Profitability • Quality • Innovation

When you choose AQC member contractors and their craftsmen, you hire professionals who are steeped in the traditions of quality craftsmanship. Be it a tilt-up warehouse, a multi-story office building, a school or a shopping-center, be assured that the benefits of union construction are built in from the ground up.

Skilled, Dependable Workforce
Union craftsmen choose their trade as a career, not just a job. Through the disciplines of state certified apprenticeship programs, union workers answer the call for building integrity. As the result of this time-honored protocol, craftsmen learn the tools of their trade while acquiring advanced competency in the specialties of their choosing. A union craftsman may train and work over 2,000 hours within their trade before advancing to a journeyman status. In addition, craftsmen complete training in safety, CPR, hazardous waste, and an array of courses resulting in a safer work site.

On Budget
Unexpected delays, resulting from poor planning and unskilled workers are the most common causes for cost overruns. That is not acceptable. AQC member contractors are master planners and schedule coordinators. Performance is demanded from within. You can depend on reliable bids without excuses. You can also depend on competitive pricing and honest work.

Your Investment Pays Dividends
The efficiency of union contractors and their craftsmen is unmatched in the industry. When your construction project is complete, you can get on with your own business knowing your facility will perform as expected. In the years ahead, through renovations, expansions or even the sale of your property, your investment in union labor can continue to pay dividends.

On Time
Your time is money, and so is ours. AQC member contractors know the importance of completing your project on time — and they know that working with a team of union professionals is the surest way to make that happen. Ongoing communications between contractors means that each phase of the construction process is tightly integrated. You can set your clock by our schedules, knowing you’ll be open for business as planned without delays.

Innovative Technology and the Environment
AQC member contractors and their highly trained craftsmen continue to be well versed with the advancements in green applications. Their unmatched installation skills with energy efficient fixtures, photo-voltaic cells and wind power stations, cool roofs, recyclable building materials, water reclamation systems, photo-voltaic and ultra violet reflective glass and materials, environmental-friendly paints and coatings, and other necessary applications answer to the growing need for efficiency and cost savings.

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